Athletes & Recovery

Cryotherapy can help the body transform “bad” white fat into “good” brown fat. Excess white fat can be problematic and has been linked to many diseases and conditions like type 2 diabetes. Brown fat is burned as fuel.

The body tries to reheat itself after being exposed to cold temperatures. As a result, the metabolism burns more energy, causing temporary weight loss for some people. Water weight is also reduced after a Cryotherapy session.

Many athletes use cryotherapy to reduce soreness and accelerate recovery. Applying cold to sore body parts slows down the nerve impulses that send pain messages to the brain. Cryotherapy promotes lymphatic drainage and replenishes the blood with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. This nutrient-rich blood is delivered to damaged areas in the body to promote quicker recovery after intense exercise.

Cryotherapy before a strenuous workout is another option if your goal is to increase energy and endurance.

To improve athletic performance and recovery, it is recommended to pair cryotherapy with the supplements and products listed below.